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About Panzea

Panzea is the bioinformatics arm of a project investigating the Genetic Architecture of Maize and Teosinte (NSF 0820619). The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The project is describing the genetic architecture of complex traits in maize and teosinte. We will identify genes that control domestication traits and three key agronomic traits: flowering time, plant height, and kernel quality. We will characterize allelic series at these genes, examine their epistatic and environmental interactions, and take a step toward the ultimate goal of predicting phenotype from genotype. The genetic, germplasm, and bioinformatic resources created by this project will help maize researchers worldwide to discover the genetic basis of any trait of interest.

The Panzea website provides access to the project database and bioinformatics module. The Panzea Database contains the genotypic and phenotypic data and genetic marker information produced by the project. The Panzea Database design is based on the Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Data Model (GDPDM). The database schema and an Excel file with table and field descriptions are available below. For the most up-to-date information, please visit http://www.maizegenetics.net/gdpdm/documentation.html.

For more information about Panzea and the Maize Diversity project, please click a link below:

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